POLAR PANTO Bi-Focal Reader Polarized SUNGLASSES


The Polar Bear was the most dangerous Antarctic animal. It was also greatly respected for its strength and spirit. Polar Bears are born ready to survive in cold circumstances the same way our sunglasses are ready to protect your eyes from the Sun. To release its spirit back into the Arctic, enjoy our POLAR PANTO ready reading polarized sunglasses, because quality reading is a choice.


Material:  Polycarbonate Injection with Flex Hinge

Shape: Round Wrap

 Measurements:  L 53mm – N20mm – T147mm

Pupil Distance (PD):  72 (+/- 1) mm

Frame Weight:  (without packaging) – 20gr

Lenses:  UV 400 Light Blocking Lenses (Bi-focal reading power on bottom, clear on top)

Each spectacle is packed in a soft coordinating pouch and themed box